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Build quality
OCEANIA is an industry leader in the use of Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) systems, vacuum infusion and strict international quality control procedures which are all part of its daily goal of maintaining the highest standards for quality in the boating industry.

OCEANIA hulls and decks are constructed using high quality fiberglass materials to retain their beauty and strength. Gelcoat is applied using a state-of-the-art MVP airless spray system that ensures consistent even film thickness. Successive layers of fiberglass cloth soaked in resin are applied to the inside of the mould over the gelcoat. The number of layers of cloth and the type of cloth are carefully specified and controlled to produce a consistently strong hull.

High technology core materials are often applied in a “sandwich” construction in fiberglass boats and some RIBs (depending on size), to increase thickness and rigidity.
The high density foam and fiberglass reinforced stringers are permanently laminated and bonded to the hull, deck and transom to create superior strength, one-piece boat that can endure even the most extreme stresses.

Closed cell foams are injected into the free space of the hull. Applying this innovative technology makes the OCEANIA boats not only more comfortable for navigation, but also more solid, less vibration and overall has improved the Safety and Quality.

Some parts like the consoles, instrument panel, and helm seat are built off-line in the subassembly areas before they are installed on the boats.
In the assembly area, plumbing, wiring and fuel systems feature marine standard. All pumps, lights, gauges and switches are the absolute best available.

Inflatable Tubes for RIB

The tubes on the RIB boats are constructed using only top materials and craftsmanship, proving to be reliable year by year. The tubes are fabricated of top quality Hypalon or PVC fabric and handmade with numerous quality checkpoints along the way.

All seams on RIB boats are double-taped on the inside and the cut of our fabric is designed for longevity. Bear in mind, we produce a quality RIB that we are proud of!

Price-quality ratio

Our boats are the most attractive option on the market when compared to similar boats due to their quality, reliability and cost.
OCEANIA has a considerable competitive advantage over other manufacturers and guarantees its customers incomparable quality

Custom built Boats

We have over 15 years experience in boatbuilding industries and give the client also the possibility to order custom built boats from us. OCEANIA has the workmanship to design and built boats on client requests.